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'Amino et Fide'

Otjiwarongo Secondary School

Otjiwarongo Secondary School

Principals Message

“ Die berge, gras en al die bome; vertel die roem van onse skool”
With the words of our school anthem we welcome you!

Through 60 years of proud history, O.S.S has formed the futures of  thousands of Namibians. We still have that dream to prepare young Namibians to be successful adults in a multi-cultural and inclusive environment.
We want to open and expand young minds to cope with the expectations and demands of a young and independent nation in Africa.
O.S.S offers a wide range of subjects and extra-curricular activities. A state of the art  e-learning centre provides research facilities to learners and makes interactive teaching in all subjects possible. We greet you with our proud motto “Amino et fide”-Yours in education - Rina Goldbeck (Principal).

       We end Term 1 of 2017

The first term 2017 is successfully completed. We thank our Heavenly Father for all the blessings received. Thank you to important Financial Stakeholders such as B2Gold and Theo’s Superspar for their continuous financial support.

Thank you Ms Avis for the Newspapers! Thank you to all the parents contributing to the Parent Support Fund. Be assured that your individual contribution is put to good use just for your child.

Teachers are available on Fridays from 12:30 to 13:00 for consultations. Appointments must be made in advance via the School Secretary.

New Teachers

Welcome Ms Natalia Gamases as part of the O.S.S family. Being an old student, your Alma mater is glad to have you back with us.

Clothes Store

The Clothes Store will be open as follows:

Tuesday, 30 May 2017: 08:30 – 10:00

Rest of the Term: Tuesdays and Thursdays (07:30-07:50)- Parents who want to visit the Clothes Store must bring the child(ren) along to make sure the clothes will fit.

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This day went exceptionally well!

Congratulations to all parties involved in the organisation and success of this day.

The day was full of Language, Culture, Games, food and loads of entertainment.


It was a day to remember!

Business League

The Regional Bank of Namibia competition on again. OSS will participate again this year.

Good Luck to each and every participant.

Thank You Old Mutual!!
Thank You Old Mutual for your generous assistance and loyalty toward OSS and Education.

Bridge Building at OSS. Well done everyone!!

  • Old School Bakkie....
    Old School Bakkie....
  • New School bakkie. Thank You Rotary Badhomburg, Mr and Ms Du Toit, Mr Jan van Zyl!!!
    New School bakkie. Thank You Rotary Badhomburg, Mr and Ms Du Toit, Mr Jan van Zyl!!!
  • Hockey boys won!!!
    Hockey boys won!!!
  • Soccer got Gold!!
    Soccer got Gold!!
  • Accounting Winner Rauha Andreas
    Accounting Winner Rauha Andreas
  • Netball Course a great success!!
    Netball Course a great success!!
Old School Bakkie....
Old School Bakkie....

National Prize Giving Ceremony 

Congratulations to all OSS learners for creating a universe where we as teachers and fellow learners of OSS can stand proud!!


Imken Oestlund

OSS DUX learner 2015!

OSS wants to thank all our sponsors for their valuable contributions toward the school.


OSS thanks FNB for their generous contributions toward the school.

FUN RUN 2016

On 15 January 2015 @ 09:00, the funrun started. Everybody was really exited to get it on. The weather played along and a cool atmosphere and light breeze accompanied each runner...

Check in later for photos and the .............WINNERS!!

Pavement Clean-up @ O.S.S

Copy Paper Please....

1 Ream copy paper per learner please.

Sport gallery 2

Culture gallery 2

More pics 

O.S.S Mission & Vision

To ensure an effective management and pro-active teaching environment that will allow learners to develop and reach their full potential, in spite of all limitations and irrespective of race, gender or disability, and to become successful individuals (in their communities) and worthy citizens.
OSS wants to be a winner as a multi-cultural school which empowers all learners to achieve success.

Thank You !

At OSS each and every learner gets the opportunity to become the best he or she can be. Teachers work really hard to assist learners in achieving greatness. 

We want to thank each and every stakeholder that continuously contributions toward education in the school and in the country.

A special thank you to

Theo's Superspar and B2Gold.

Parents of OSS 

Thank You!

Thank you B2Gold for your generous sponsorship toward the school and toward education in Namibia! We appreciate all your efforts! Thank You Again!

B2Gold donated 30 Computers for the school's e-center and 2 air conditioners for the Computer Lab. 


Theo's Super spar empowers learners at OSS to become successful young entrepreneurs. Thank You Theo's Super Spar for empowering our learners!


Thank you Theo's Super Spar for sponsoring all the printing for the annual Prize Giving Ceremony. Your contribution toward education and the learners of OSS are heartfelt!

National Science Quiz-3rd Place

Athletics 2017


Sandro Diergaardt participated at the Youth Games in Luanda, Angola, during the December 2016 holidays. Sandro came 2nd, placed third and received a bronze medal. His distance was 6,71m. Congratulations Sandro and the best of luck with your preparations!!


This year’s fun run will surely not be forgotten. There was a heavy rainstorm, but luckily we finished the day. It was a day enjoyed by both learners and teachers. The different winners are as follows :

Junior girls : Immaculada Kotingo (Green)

Junior boys : Minshew Gideon (Green)

Senior girls : Zemburuka Kangumba (Green)

Senior boys : Kumbee Kasupi (Green)


This year there was outstanding team spirit and performances, especially in the Green team, who was also the winner of the Spirit Trophy.


E-learning & Math Support



We had our annual fun-run 16 January 2015. Everybody competed with great enthusiasm. The Winners are:

Junior Boys - Gold-  Vihua Kaovere Silver - Adriaan Labuschagne Bronze - Daniel Eggert      Junior Girls - Gold - Letishia Muhama Silver - Loide Nambundunga - 

Bronze - Melody Jaezuruka

Senior Boys - Gold- Jason Uatatjire  Silver - Kenandazunda Kandjii- 

Bronze - Ueripura Himumuine                  

Senior Girls - Gold - Marlies Eggert - Silver - Svenja Dedig -Bronze-Anja Friedensdorf

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