Sport @ OSS

Inter-school & Nat. Championships

Inter-school results held in Grootfontein

Cleopatra Horases : 100m 1st, 200m 2nd

Emilia Haupindi : 100m 1st

Zemburuka Kangumba : 200m 1st ,400m 1st ,800m 1st

Melody Jaezuruka : 200 3rd

Meke Ingo: High jump 1st

Frieda Iithete: High jump 1st

Laqueeda Perny : Shot put 2nd

An-Ana Samuntu : 100m 3rd , High jump 1st, Long jump 1st

Sandro Diergaardt: 100m 1st , 200m 1st , Long jump 1st

U Muthavikua: 200m 4th

Morgan Nanuseb : 400m 1st , Long jump 2nd

Hitjitevi Thihenda : 400m 2nd Brandon Ouseb : 400m 1st

Ellis Kazohua : 400m 4th Eben Kamati: Long jump 3rd

Ulrich De Wee: Triple jump 3rd Tjituto Tjituto: Triple jump 1st

Phillipus Mumbala: Triple jump 3rd Adriaan Adler: Shot put 3rd

Marc Dohmen: Javelin 3rd Bartlos Aibeb: Javelin 2nd 

COCA-COLA National Championship

Learners of OSS did extremely well at the Nationals. Here follows the results :

Sandro Diergaardt : 1st in the long jump 7,20m

1st in the 100m

1st in the 200m

Sandro was also chosen and received trophies for Best 100m athlete, best long jump athlete, best u/19 boys athlete for the day and the Senior Victor Ludorum.

Tjitito Tjituto : 2nd in the triple jump

An-Ana Samuntu : 2nd in the high jump

1st in the long jump

Zemburuka Kangumba : 1st in the 400m

3rd in the 200m

Marc Dohmen : 4th in javelin throw

Senior Championships

Sandro and An-Ana took part in the senior championships. Sandro came 1st in the long jump with a distance of 7,34m. He also won prize money of N$2000-00.

Senior Championships cont.

An-Ana came 2nd in both the long jump (with a distance of 7,01m) and high jump (with a height of 2m). He won a total of N$4000-00 prize money.

Zone 5 – Swakopmund

Sandro and Zemburuka also participated in this competition in Swakopmund. Sandro came 2nd in the 100m and Zemburuka 1st in the 400m.


The girls and boys hockey teams participated in the 2nd league this year. The boys did extremely well and won the Northern league. They also won all their league games. They lost their semi-final game against WHS, but went through to compete for the 3rd / 4th place. They won and were crowned the 3rd best boys team in Namibia.


Three of our soccer teams participated in the Otjiwarongo league. The u/17 and u/15 teams did really well and won most of their games. There league games are not done yet.

Jovane Narib and Philipus Josef were chosen by the NFA for an u/20 Regional team. In June, they travelled to Germany to take part in the International Youth tournament.

The following u/15 boys were also chosen for the Otjozondjupa Regional team for the Scorpion Zinc Cup in September : Herman Uwuseb, Tristan Engelhard, Morgan Nanuseb, Steffen Mucke, Viuaa Kuhanga and Vitji Metjavi.


Both the u/15 and 1st rugby teams of Otji’s

Rugby club qualified and went through and

won the MOMENTUM semi-finals. Unfortunately the u/15 lost, but the 1st team went

through to the finals. They lost and came 2nd

in the u/19C league.

Inter High vs Etosha

Etosha hosted a very good organized Inter high. Our teams did again extremely good. OSS won the Inter High overall!! Here follows the results :

Jo-nelle Rossouw was chosen the Best junior redenaar for the day. Sarah-Lee Hifitikeko and Manze Vuyalo won both the junior and senior chess competition. Both of them were chosen the Best Chess players of the Day.

The hockey boys won both there league games. They beat Etosha 1-0 and Berg-Op 3-0. Mbazu Tjongondjoza was chosen Player of the Match.

The u/15 rugby team won there league game 37-10. Player of the match was Ueve Mujendje.

The u/20 soccer team drew and the Player of the Match was Hubert Mingeri.

The volleyball girls won 2-1 and the boys also won 2-0. Mbakumba Tjihonge was chosen Player of the Match.

All three netball teams won : u/15 won 18-7, u/17 won 31-9 and u/19 won 31-5. Player of the Matches were Valdi Eises, Uapenga Kutako and Desiree Masheshe.

Yolande Human, Miss High of 2017, together with the cheerleaders also represented the school.

Both the senior and junior tennis girls and boys won their matches. Demi Kapose was chosen Girls Player of the Match.

Bike Racing

Hauke Aakmann-Fisher came 1st in the MX Class D.


Janey Geingos participated in the 1st qualifying of the championships in Swakopmund. She achieved an overall 2nd place for level 6, 13 & over.

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Congratulations to the following learners who were chosen for Namibian teams in different sport codes:

An-Ana Samuntu and Zemburuka Kangumba - chosen for the u/17 COSSASA athletics team who participated during the May holidays in Zimbabwe.


Unfortunately An-Ana could not take part. Zemburuka ran the 400m and 4th in the finals.

Jovane and Phillipus were also chosen for the u/17 National soccer team. Steffen Mucke was chosen the non-traveling goalie keeper.

John Morurua, Mbakumba Tjihonge and Uapenga Kutako were chosen for the u/17 National volleyball team.

Tjinomasa Kahiru was chosen for the u/17 National netball team.

These 6 learners will participate in the COSSASA Ball Games in Lesotho in August.

Kayla de Wet and Maya Janbey were chosen for the African Shield Eventing team.

Jessica Kreiner was chosen for the One Star Eventing team.

Bianca Jacobs and Maya Janbey were chosen for the Young Rider Nera team for the International Endurance Championships in Walvis Bay.

Taisha Uris has qualified to participate in the African Individual School Chess Championship in Harare, Zimbabwe in August. She was chosen for the u/15 team.

Jean de Schmidt and Wilco von Hacht were nominated to participate at the Goju Kai World Championships (karate) in Canada in September.

Janey Gaingos was chosen for the Woman Artistic Gymnastics team that will participate in the South African Championships in Pretoria, from 4 – 7 October. She is currently participating on level 6, age 13 years and older.

Svenja Dedig, Mireille S von Bach and Maike Epler were chosen for the Inline Hockey Ladies Team.

Nico Epler and Jens Friedensdorf were chosen for the Junior Men Inline Hockey Team. These boys will participate at the World Roller Games in China during the August holidays.

Horse Riders of OSS Wins Again!!!

Endurance News


Auas View tournament – Windhoek

Kayla de Wet : 1st in the P1 dressage and P3 dressage

2nd in the welcome stakes 80cm

1st in the 21 point accumulator 80cm

3rd in the American jump off 80cm

Maya Janbey : 5th in the welcome stakes 90cm

5th in the American jump off 90cm

4th in the N2 dressage

2nd in the Freestyle

Kayla and Maya qualified to ride in the Masters class.

Nubuamis FEI show

Kayla achieved two 3rd places in show jumping.

RGO - Otjiwarongo

Sunet Hayward came 5th in the 70cm Welcome stakes

Jessica Kreiner : 3rd in the dressage

1st in the 80cm jumping

3rd in the 1,10m jumping

Kayla de Wet : 1st in the 80cm jumping

2nd in the 80cm jumping

2nd in the dressage

Endurance ride

On the 19th of May, in Tsumeb, Timothy Liebenberg won the 101km

junior division on Zabubega Shaker. He also had the Best conditioned horse.

On the 20th of May Timothy won the 124km on Shalom Naffal.

On the 9th of June (farm Bergen, Tsumeb/Grootfontein) : Timothy

Liebenberg won the 80km junior division. On the 10th of June :

Timothy won the 80km junior division on Shalom Nafal.

Bianca Jacobs came 2nd in the 80km on the Hurst Roman. She and

Timothy won the team competition.

On the 23rd of June (farm Bergen, Okahandja) : Bianca got a 2nd place

over the 80km on Hurst Oman. On the 24th of June : Bianca won the

120km on Edl Agbahr Zeus, and had the best conditioned horse.

On the 29th of July : Bianca won the 80km on Amaal. She also came

overall first.

On the 30th of August Bianca will participate in the Endurance

championships in Walvis Bay, on Amaal over 122km.

On the 16th of September she will fly to Italy to participate in the Junior

World Endurance Championship.

In the beginning of July, Maya Janbey went to Sardinia, Italy to qualify for the World Championships. She came 11th in 120km.

Africa Cup Eventing (hosted at RGO)

Maya and her team placed 1st in the shield eventing. Kayla and her team placed 2nd. Jessica was the only 1 star Namibian Rider at the tournament.


Netball Zonal league

Four of our netball teams participated in the Zonal league. The u/19’s, u/17’s and u/15’s qualified and went through to the Regional play-offs.

The u/19’s won and went through to the NSSU National Netball play-offs in Windhoek. They came 4th.

Netball Regional Trials

Congratulations to Tjinomasa Kahiru, Laqueeda Perny and Nasheeta Maletsky who were chosen for the Netball Regional team.

FNB Netball Classic Clashes

This year OSS hosted the annual clashes against Etosha Secondary School. Our beautiful cheerleaders took part in the dancing competition again. And the 1st netball team won Etosha with a score of 42-7.

Congratulations to Katji Maharero who was chosen Player of the Match. Sarah-Lee Hifitikeko was chosen the FNB/Vigo Hero.

Maya Janbey was chosen for the Namibian Endurance team and participated in South Africa. Here Maya achieved 9th place in the 80km juniors and the team was awarded overall 3rd place. She was also awarded the NERA Rider 2015/6 as well as being chosen as the Windhoek Club

Junior Rider for 2016. In September 2017 Maya will be jetting off to Italy for the WEG World Equestrian Endurance in the 120km event.

Bianca Jacobs completed the 300 mile ride on 12-15 October 2016. She started riding at 16h00 every afternoon, right through the night, until 05h00 the next morning. She completed 240km on Wilshane Nkredible and

another 240km on Edl Agbahr Zeus, thus completing a total of 480km!

Regional Athletics - OSS - 2016

VIGO was the main sponsor

This event was successfully hosted by Otjiwarongo Secondary School on the weekend of 11 – 12 March 2016.

The highest achievements of the event were :

Best Girls Short Distance : Cleopatra Horases

Best Girls Middle Distance : Zemburuka Kangumba

Best Boys Jumper : An-Ana Samuntu

Best Boys Thrower : Pamue Kakujaha

Best Boys Short Distance : Linus Hangula

Junior Victor Ludorum : Hitjitevi Tjihenda

Senior Victrix Ludorum : Zemburuka Kangumba

Sports News!! You have to see this!!


100m   10.74    Kingston (JAM)   14.02.2015  AMAZING!!!

Unbelievable! shouts the commentator. Little known Namibian sprinter Jesse Urikhob has just beaten Jamaican superstars Usain Bolt and Yohan Blake in the 200 metres.

To many this might sound like a fantasy but to those  who knows him, knows that this can be a reality if the young Jesse Urikhob continues on his current improvement in the 100m and 200m sprints. Jesse is at the front of a mini renaissance in Namibian sprinting alongside the likes of Hitjiverue Kaanjuka and Dantago Gurirab.

He brought hope to many fans that Namibia can finally emulate the Olympic heroics of the legendary Frank Fredericks. Although the young man from Otjiwarongo, whos immediate ambition it is to qualify for the Olympics, is yet to make the cut for the prestigious global sports event, his steady rise to prominence is encouraging. Jesse has consistently worked improving his personal best time and has succeeded in doing just so at the recently held All Africa Games in Mozambique.

He improved his time in the 100m and can now boast being able to run the event in just 10.1 seconds. Jesse hopes to similarly improve in the 200m, which he describes as his favorite event.

Fun Run ...

Otjiwarongo Secondary School kicked their athletic season off with the annual Fun run on Friday, 16 January. The morning were enjoyed by teachers as well as the learners. The SRC spoiled us with a wide variety of food and drinks on the "Snoepie" menu. 


The colour sport kicked off to a very good start.