Otjiwarongo Secondary School 

Otjiwarongo Secondary School

Principal's Message

“ Die berge, gras en al die bome; vertel die roem van onse skool”
With the words of our school anthem we welcome you!

Through 60 years of proud history, O.S.S has formed the futures of  thousands of Namibians. We still have that dream to prepare young Namibians to be successful adults in a multi-cultural and inclusive environment.
We want to open and expand young minds to cope with the expectations and demands of a young and independent nation in Africa.
O.S.S offers a wide range of subjects and extra-curricular activities. A state of the art  e-learning centre provides research facilities to learners and makes interactive teaching in all subjects possible. We greet you with our proud motto “Amino et fide”-Yours in education - (Principal).

 We end Term 1 of 2019

Dear Parents

The school has reached the end of another successful first term and I would like to make use of this opportunity to thank you for your generous support you have given both to your child and the school. Attached to this letter is a summary of your financial contribution towards the voluntary Parent Support Fund. It is becoming increasingly difficult to manage with the limited funds allocated and therefore we appreciate your willingness to ensure that your child receives value added education.

We are looking forward to a German Cultural Day, which will be held at Otjiwarongo Secondary School on 18 June 2019. Some of the highlights include a performance by the choir of the St. Christophorus-Kantorei from Germany who are visiting Namibia with 50 singers. Learners from our school will present a theater play, which is directed by Ms. Birgit Hausladen, and the Goethe Institute will host an exhibition concerning German History under the theme “The Power of Feelings”.

Pastor Steve Graham is organizing a huge Gospel Concert on 28 June in the School Hall. The theme is “His Passion” and many of the Learners and the Choir of this School will participate at this event. We would like to invite all of you to attend these events.


The school has already launched the annual fundraising campaign for 2019. Please support your child in this venture. If every learner manages to collect only N$ 150.00 then we will be able to continue with the maintenance and upgrading of the facilities of OSS.

The money raised in 2018 has been used for various smaller projects and to fix the leaking roofs of the School Hall and the Gymnasium, as well as painting some of the classrooms. The school plans on continuing with these two projects with the money raised in 2019.

I would like to address the following issues we have encountered during this term and would appreciate it if you could take these up with your children.


Otjiwarongo Secondary School strives to remain a School of Excellence, and has once again managed to keep its position as one of the top performing schools in the Region and in the country in 2018.

The following places have been recorded for Otjiwarongo Secondary School for 2018:

NSSCH (Higher Level) = Number One Government School in the Otjozondjupa Region

NSSCO (Ordinary Level) = Number One School in the Otjozondjupa Region AND Number Four (4) overall in the Country

Junior Secondary Certificate = Number One School in the Otjozondjupa Region

The following learners have achieved during the External National Examinations at the end of 2018:

Philippine Kaluhoni

Best overall performance in NSCCO and NSSCH in Otjozondjupa Region

Daniel Eggert 

Second best overall performance in NSCCO and NSSCH in Otjozondjupa Region

Matthiue Haniche

Third best overall performance in NSSCO and NSSCH in Otjozondjupa Region

Roberto Diergaardt

Overall Second Best Performance in Otjozondjupa Region in 6 Ordinary Level Subjects

Millen Tsauses 

Cambridge International Examination Prize for Physical Science (A+) in Otjozondjupa

Jakobina Johannes

Best overall performance and candidate in JSC Examination in 9 subjects in Otjozondjupa (3 prizes)

Isherene Gowases 

Second best overall candidate in JSC Examination in 9 subjects in Otjozondjupa

Fabian Nghitumu 

Third best overall candidate in JSC Examination in 9 Subjects in Otjozondjupa

E-learning & Math Support

Download the News Letter of Term 1 here...

Athletics 2019


Otjozondjupa Regional team -Sub-National competition :

Mberi Christoph, Mese Katjariua, Morgan Nanuseb, Israel Kandundu, Marc Dohmen, Ian Human


Tjiriua Nguarambuka 


Morgan Nanuseb broke the u/17 400m record.


Woman u/14 – u/35 Men u/14 – u/35m

Karien van Schalkwyk – shot put ,  Tjijandjeua Kenatjizeu – 200m, 800m

Ti-A Matsuis – shot put, javelin , Tjeripo Kaveturua – 200m, 100m

Mujaturire Keja – 400m, high jump , Hitjitevi Tjihenda –200m, 400m, 300m

Cleopatra Horases –200m, 100m, 60m , Jovane Narib –200m, 400m, 100m

Emilia Jeremia –200m, long jump, 100m , De-Gaulle Ndjahere – 200m, high jump, 100m

Chamone Rademeyer – long jump , Eerike Ndjengua – 1500m, 800m

John Murorua – shot put, high jump, discus, David Ananias – high jump, 60m

Mberipura Christoph – long jump, 60m

Our athletes will also participate in the Leg 3 of this competition. But it wouldn’t be possible if Mr Theo Borstlap of THEO”S SUPER SPAR assisted us with the transport. A huge thank you to him!!

COCA-COLA NATIONAL ATHLETICS – Windhoek – 12 & 13 April

According to the results and qualifying times / distances / heights, the following athletes were selected to participate at the COCA-COLA National Championships on 12 – 13 April :

Morgan Nanuseb, Mese Katjariua, Israel Kandundu


Congratulations to Cleopatra Horases who was invited to participate in these championships in the 100m event.

Tjiheripo Kapeta –200m, long jump, 100m, 60m


Timothy Liebenberg, a Grade 9 learner at OSS has a love for horses and he is not afraid to show it. He participates in U/18 competitions and then takes home 1st prizes!! Congratulations Timothy! We are proud! 

Funny Local Namibian Talent- Niel Behnke's Youtube channel...

Guys, check out this YouTube channel created by one of our learners from last year Niel Behnke. He is now studying in SA but decided to start his own channel. It's just so so funny. Worth a subscribe...support our Namibian boy over there...

Exciting !!

  • Old School Bakkie....
    Old School Bakkie....
  • New School bakkie. Thank You Rotary Badhomburg, Mr and Ms Du Toit, Mr Jan van Zyl!!!
    New School bakkie. Thank You Rotary Badhomburg, Mr and Ms Du Toit, Mr Jan van Zyl!!!
  • Hockey boys won!!!
    Hockey boys won!!!
  • Soccer got Gold!!
    Soccer got Gold!!
  • Accounting Winner Rauha Andreas
    Accounting Winner Rauha Andreas
  • Netball Course a great success!!
    Netball Course a great success!!
Old School Bakkie....
Old School Bakkie....
Thank You Old Mutual!!
Thank You Old Mutual for your generous assistance and loyalty toward OSS and Education.

Bridge Building at OSS. 

Well done everyone!!

OSS thanks FNB for their generous contributions toward the school.

Clean-up @ O.S.S

Congratulations to all OSS learners for creating a universe where we as teachers and fellow learners of OSS can stand proud!!

Imken Oestlund

OSS DUX learner 2015!

OSS wants to thank all our sponsors for their valuable contributions toward the school.

Copy Paper Please....

1 Ream copy paper per learner please.

O.S.S Mission & Vision

To ensure an effective management and pro-active teaching environment that will allow learners to develop and reach their full potential, in spite of all limitations and irrespective of race, gender or disability, and to become successful individuals (in their communities) and worthy citizens.
OSS wants to be a winner as a multi-cultural school which empowers all learners to achieve success.

B2Gold -Thank You!

Thank you B2Gold for your generous sponsorship toward the school and toward education in Namibia! We appreciate all your efforts! Thank You Again!

B2Gold gave so much over the year to OSS, we really have no words but ......Thank You. 

We Thank You !

At OSS each and every learner gets the opportunity to become the best he or she can be. Teachers work really hard to assist learners in achieving greatness. 

We want to thank each and every stakeholder that continuously contributions toward education in the school and in the country.

A special thank you to B2Gold, Infotech Otjiwarongo, Theo's Spar, Blaauwberg Auctioneers and the Parents of OSS .

Sport gallery 2

Culture gallery 2


Otjiwarongo Secondary School has been elected as a Pasch Fit School by the Goethe Institute of Namibia! This is a huge honour which means that the German department of our school will receive substantial support from the Goethe Institute already during 2017 and in the future. During 2017 two classrooms will be renovated with state of the art technology to teach German as a Foreign and First language.  From 2018 onward, the DaF learners of our school will also be able to enroll for the internationally accredited A1/2 DSD examinations. Courses in the didactic of German as a Foreign Language, will be attended regularly by the Pasch teacher of our school. Learners of Otjiwarongo Secondary School will thus be able to enjoy the benefits of modern scientific teaching methods while being in a motivational, young and technological environment. Our school will also become a hub of experience and motivation for surrounding schools in the north of Namibia. We enthusiastically look forward to this beneficial agreement between the Goethe Institute and Otjiwarongo Secondary School!

National Science Quiz

This day went exceptionally well!

Congratulations to all parties involved in the organisation and success of this day.

The day was full of Language, Culture, Games, food and loads of entertainment.


It was a day to remember!


OSS has its annual FUN RUN in January of every year. This event helps build spirit among learners, build courage and inspire and motivate. Learners enjoy this activity and end it with a water balloon fight at the end of the day.....Loads of Fun!

National Prize Giving Ceremony